Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vintage Furniture

This year’s show will feature an array of pieces including: antique and vintage furniture, camp décor, oriental rugs, jewelry, hotel china, post cards, books, fine art, sporting goods, and taxidermy. Returning dealers include Christiby’s, Past Time The couple travel the state, buying vintage furniture, primarily at estate sales. "We love it, love it, love it," Bermudez said of the retro furnishings they find. "We can remember our grandparents having it or our parents having it." After about a year City Limits Vintage Marketplace is a unique mixture of antiques and history. Karen Graham, the North Augusta business’ owner, said she has everything ranging from decoration items for the season to memorabilia and even furniture and books. “I buy new There was also music and food available. With vintage furniture and antiques becoming more popular sellers and shoppers say this is a great event to see what local stores have to offer. "They're better quality and they're fun and it's always finding that “The used-furniture market is now glutted with Boomers’ upholstered sofas, armoires, formal dining room sets, and antique collectibles that are being shed in order to downsize,” says the ABTV. “With the market full of the Boomers’ cast Buying things sight unseen can be scary, especially if you're like me and need to see things in person. Some people might say I'm picky, but I'd prefer to be described as attentive to detail. Beauty and quality of construction are usually found in the .

Tarek Anandan and Valentine Hacquard were spending weekends driving around, searching for a coffee table for their 1919 Wardman rowhouse on the border of Petworth and Columbia Heights. “We knew what we wanted, and we were picky,” says Anandan But Poteet also likes softness and light, so in the last year she has begun incorporating painted vintage furniture into her décor. “I love the furniture pieces because they are classic antique pieces, but I love the painted ones better because it’s a AN 'UP-CYCLING’ vintage furniture hobby has become a successful business for an Isle of Wight couple. Bev and Gary Barlow founded Reloved in Bembridge in September last year. Nestled in the heart of the village at Weavers Yard, the shop offers vintage Central Auction has provided furniture and collectibles to local merchants and the average person for over 45 years. Bill Lee is the go-to antique appraiser with a vast knowledge of antique furniture and collectibles. He is a classy guy with quick wit and .

Amazing Retro Kitchen Dining Room Table 2941 x 2304 · 670 kB · jpeg
Amazing Retro Kitchen Dining Room Table

Remarkable Upcycled Vintage Furniture 550 x 550 · 74 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Upcycled Vintage Furniture

Great Antique Chairs 960 x 720 · 74 kB · jpeg
Great Antique Chairs

Outstanding Antique Coffee Table 899 x 600 · 221 kB · jpeg
Outstanding Antique Coffee Table

Top Old Wooden Chair Antique 500 x 329 · 93 kB · jpeg
Top Old Wooden Chair Antique

Impressive Antique Cane Chairs 640 x 480 · 33 kB · jpeg
Impressive Antique Cane Chairs

Perfect Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture 550 x 543 · 47 kB · jpeg
Perfect Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Magnificent Antique Victorian Side Chair 792 x 792 · 169 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Antique Victorian Side Chair

Fabulous Industrial Furniture 800 x 531 · 48 kB · jpeg
Fabulous Industrial Furniture

Stunning Antique Reading Chair 800 x 1000 · 195 kB · jpeg
Stunning Antique Reading Chair

Incredible Antique Chinese Furniture 542 x 718 · 150 kB · jpeg
Incredible Antique Chinese Furniture

Excellent Trestle Tables Product 1000 x 646 · 197 kB · jpeg
Excellent Trestle Tables Product

Very Best Retro Coffee Table 602 x 598 · 50 kB · jpeg
Very Best Retro Coffee Table

Brilliant Recycling Old Furniture Ideas 1024 x 768 · 245 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Recycling Old Furniture Ideas

Wonderful Retro Rocking Chair 569 x 595 · 49 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Retro Rocking Chair