Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Contemporary Staircase Design

Related story: Ministry of Design adds contemporary extension to century-old Malaysian provides access to private gardens outside guest rooms on the ground floor, and staircases leading to a balcony and the first-floor rooms. In the reception area With interest in micro-housing growing worldwide, such innovations have made Japanese architecture a leading force in contemporary home design. A new book by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, a movable staircase separated from the structure allows If a building could be thought of as the architect’s manifesto to construction, then the staircase can be seen as the designer’s autograph – a signature flourish that can embody the entire statement of design for a building in a singular structure. Since I was trained as a modern architect, the design of a late-19th-century brownstone in Prospect and also from a hidden door under the parlor stairs. That parlor-level door under the main stair allows access to the under-stoop area and cellar A staircase is often the last thing people think of, but it can make a huge difference to a house. When stairs are done properly, they instantly give a house a sense of proportion and style. Done badly, they make the whole place look a mess. When we bought Instead, walls were removed or relocated, spaces were opened, the main staircase was taken down and window areas In order to pull off the transformation of a farmhouse from traditional to modern, design elements on the interior had to flow to the .

Merbau decking and a spotted-gum staircase lead to the front door Coulter and Oliver worked with HK Joinery Design in fitting the contemporary kitchen to the left of the open-plan space. Storage was a paramount consideration in the design, and generous Interior Design Gods conspired today to bring us two different projects on design blogs Dezeen and Contemporist that attempt roughly the same thing: adding a modern staircase into a historic stone castle. In the rural Italian village of Villa d'Adda Part of the Tate Modern’s Unilever Series people to endure a mild workout while taking in its clever and intricate design. We hope this collection of remarkable staircases has inspired you to think outside the box, and urged you to look at these He looked at the space needed by different poultry breeds, ventilation and heating requirements, nesting box design, access for both birds and When Deborah Wong needed a gorgeous modern coop to house her dream hen - Ameraucanas (known in NZ as .

Amazing Modern Staircase Stairs Design 500 x 462 · 49 kB · jpeg
Amazing Modern Staircase Stairs Design

Remarkable Modern Staircase Stairs Design 600 x 867 · 402 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Modern Staircase Stairs Design

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Great Modern Carpet & Stairs Design Ideas

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Outstanding Stair Lighting Interior Design

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Top Glass Stairs Design

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Impressive Deck Stair Design Ideas

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Perfect Modern Stair Railings

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Magnificent Home Modern House Design

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Fabulous Architecture Design House

Stunning Wood Stair Design 1000 x 724 · 75 kB · jpeg
Stunning Wood Stair Design

Incredible Under Stair Storage Cabinets 600 x 600 · 43 kB · jpeg
Incredible Under Stair Storage Cabinets

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Excellent Colorful Stairs

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Very Best Modern Stairs

Brilliant Open Oak Staircase 500 x 661 · 55 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Open Oak Staircase

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Wonderful Modern Stair Spindles